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Yardstick is ecstatic to bring together thought leaders from across North America to discuss industry topics and share their experience and insight with you! Our speakers come from the Meazure Learning family of companies, including the Yardstick and ProctorU brands. From exam security and accreditation standards to communication best practices and more, we will be using real case studies, experiences and data.

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Adjusting the Bar: The Science of Standard Setting

January 26th, 1:00PM - 1:30PM EST

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Professional entry-to-practice examinations serve an important gatekeeping and public-protection role in our society. The outcome of such an exam can be life-changing, both for the candidates who take the exam and for the people who will ultimately be served by those candidates (e.g., a nursing candidate and their future patients). In this webinar, Dr. Scott Cassidy will take us “behind the scenes” and explore the science and statistics of examination standard setting.